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All private colleges and universities and some large state universities require carefully written essays or personal statements. The highly selective universities now require responses to several essay topics and short answer questions. The increased emphasis on college essays is reflected in the planning that English teachers and the college counselor do to assist juniors, both in classrooms and in the structured college counseling program provided during the spring semester. 选择主题的过程, 概述了思想, writing, editing, and re-editing several times is the most time and energy consuming portion of an application. Parents, teachers, and the college counselor may assist students but not re-write essays. It is essential that the primary effort be that of each student: an honest, thorough, and well-written expression which sets that individual apart from competitors.

论文边缘是一个在线课程,可以访问 www.essayedge.com. Additional information is available to all juniors during the college planning workshops.


The essay is your chance to use your voice and personalize your application. Here’s your opportunity to show something about you that doesn’t really come across elsewhere in your application. So, step back and be reflective, think about who you are as an individual. 你如何看待这个世界? 你最关心的是什么? What experiences and people have been important in shaping you as a person? 你对生活的期望是什么?


一份大学申请包含了很多澳门威尼斯人网上赌场你的信息, however the essay gives you a chance to explain how you see yourself. 你的文章让大学对你有了一个局内人的认识. 这篇文章还有其他功能,比如:

  • Show that you have researched and thought carefully about the college to which you are applying. It shows, in your own words, why you and the college would be a good “match.”
  • Demonstrate your writing ability, which is a key component to success in college. In your essay, you can show that you are willing to put yourself into what you do. That kind of commitment is an important part of effective learning in college. And it shows the admissions committee that you are someone who is willing and able to be a contributing member of a community of learners.
  • 尤其是对名牌大学来说, the essay helps admission committees draw distinctions and make choices among applicants. An essay will rarely take an applicant out of consideration at a college, but it certainly can elevate an applicant in an admission committee’s eyes.


  • Make sure to answer the essay question and to follow all the instructions that are given.
  • Start off with a strong opening paragraph that captures the reader’s interest.
  • Use a style that you find comfortable and that is appropriate for the subject matter.
  • 使用正确的语法、标点和拼写.
  • Make a point and stick to it; develop your argument or narrative.
  • 检查所有的事实. 你在文章中提到日期、地点或事件了吗? 确保是正确的.
  • Give your reader complete information, so he or she won’t be confused.
  • 一般来说,最好是简洁明了. If there is a recommended length for the essay, pay attention to it.
  • 这篇文章应该打得整齐.
  • 记住错误, 尤其是草率的错误, 让它看起来像你不拿这篇文章(并引申, 申请)非常认真.


申请是否要求你选择一个写作主题? There are as many (actually, many more) good topics as there are applicants. 下面是一些你可以在网上找作文题目的地方:

  • Do you have hobbies and non-school pursuits that really excite you and that engage your heart and mind? Writing about your out-of-classroom interests could help bring out a part of you that’s not covered or not covered completely and to your fullest advantage elsewhere in your application.
  • 是否有一个你非常珍视的社会事业? Remember, an essay is not an academic paper; but a cause that you feel passionately about and that has been in your thoughts and activities, 可能是一篇好文章的基础.
  • Perhaps there is an event (local, national or international) that has touched you in a personal way.
  • Is there an academic subject that really sparks your interest? 你为什么对这个话题感兴趣? 它是否带来了校外的经历或学习? There may be essay material that goes beyond the courses you took or scores on AP tests.


Often, 你将被要求写一段你的经历, 你一生的成就, 或者某个对你很重要的人. 超越“是什么”,深入研究“如何”和“为什么”. 例如:

这是一篇个人随笔,不是游记. So, 如果你在写去另一个国家的旅行, 谈谈你的经历是如何影响你的, 以及为什么它们对你来说有趣或有意义. 换句话说, the people reading the essay are interested in what makes you tick and how you got the way you are, 而不是巴黎的火车运行方式. Are you writing a tribute to your grandparents and their influence on your childhood? 要个性化和具体,而不仅仅是感情用事. Explain how the particular things your grandparents did or said were important to you. Did you overcome an athletic injury and recover to perform well? A description of the type of cast you wore and your rehab routine won’t make a compelling essay. But a reflection on what it felt like to watch your teammates, 而不是和他们一起玩, 也许就是你要的.


  • Writing a poem or making a videotape in place of an essay is probably not a good idea, unless you’re applying to a specialized school that encourages such a submission.
  • 幽默是有风险的,所以要小心如何使用它.
  • 当你写一篇文章时,“荣誉守则”的规则是有效的, 所以做你自己的工作,不要胡编乱造. 实际上, 申请表中的其他项目, 比如推荐信, make it quite possible that you’d be found out if you tried to make things up.


给自己留些时间重写和修改. For the great majority of people, this is not an easy assignment. 早点开始,留足够的时间! 这很可能意味着给自己几周的时间, 不是几天,更不是几个小时, 修改你的文章.

If your essay is longer than three pages (unless the instructions call for something longer), 那最好是有趣的! 认真想想你真正想要关注的是什么, 把任何离开你中心的东西都干掉. 招生委员会会认真对待你的论文. 你也应该这么做. You have a lot to gain by putting in the time and effort to write a good essay.


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